PREempt for Owners/Managers

Empowering Owners/Managers with Unparalleled Disinfection!

As a spa or salon manager/owner, your top priority is the health and wellness of your staff and clients. Maintain a germ-free workplace by implementing effective sanitation routines and protocols, emphasizing enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures. This guide helps you establish a "culture of clean" with staff support, creating a safe environment and elevating your spa or salon's reputation.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

Maintaining a clean, germ-free facility prioritizes employee and client safety and demonstrates your commitment to running a professional salon or spa. Some disinfectants, such as diluted bleach, may not clean effectively, so a two-step process might be necessary. Alternatively, you can use products like PREempt Wipes or Spray, which provide both cleaning and disinfection in one application, making preparation for your next client appointment faster and easier.

Clean and disinfect after every client service or treatment and include all areas your staff or clients touch.


Surface Disinfection Protocol

  1. Apply PREempt RTU Spary, Wipes or diluted Concentrate (1:40 dilution/25mL Concentrate per 1 L Water) to the surface. Remove any visible dirt or debris from surface or equipment prior to disinfecting.
  2. Allow the surface to remain wet for 3 minutes for PREempt RTU/Wipes and 5 minutes for diluted PREempt Concentrate to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  3. Leave to air dry. If desired, wipe any excess solution using a clean cloth after the required contact time has been achieved.

Ideal for disinfection of

  • Front desk/reception
  • Chairs, counters, tables, and seating areas
  • Workstations
  • Esthetic and massage treatment areas
  • Hot cabinets
  • Steamers
  • Magnifying lamps
  • Nail dryers and drying lamps
  • Doorknobs and door handles
  • Common area surfaces, racks, shelves
  • Washroom surfaces

Cleaning and Disinfecting Skincare Equipment

Your salon or spa may use various types of machines or devices to enhance skin treatments and provide advanced skincare service. It is important to note that any device that comes in contact with a client’s skin can get contaminated and infect others, including you. Even if wearing gloves, germs can be spread to items that get touched during the treatment. Proper cleaning and disinfecting routines should be followed to guard against germs while protecting your expensive assets from harsh chemicals.

While PREempt’s gentle formulation is compatible with most hard non-porous materials used on non-critical areas of skin treatment machines, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and procedures.

Reprocessing Tools and Instruments

Most tools used for nail or esthetic services may come in contact with non-intact skin, which is more susceptible to acquiring infections and the tools may become contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids; therefore, these tools are considered more high risk of spreading infections.

Treat tools with a higher level of care when it comes to cleaning and disinfection to ensure a safe and healthy salon environment that also meets state regulations.

Reusable tools that can be disinfected are generally made from hard non-porous materials (stainless steel, hard plastic or glass) and are able to endure frequent cleaning and disinfection between uses. All single-use tools must be disposed of after each client and must not be reused on the same client or on another client.


Reusable Tool Protocol

  1. Clean tools using water and detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  2. Pour PREempt HLD5 or PREempt CS20 directly into soaking tray. Do not dilute.
  3. Fully immerse tools in PREempt HLD5 for 5 minutes or PREempt CS20 for 20 minutes. Re-use solution for up to 14 days. Do not allow the tools to soak longer than the prescribed time to ensure the solution remains effective.*
  4. Rinse tools with water and dry manually using a clean cloth or disposable towel. Store in a clean container marked “DISINFECTED.”

*The solution must be discarded after 14 days or sooner. You can validate the reuse solution by using AHP2 Test Strips for HLD5 or AHP7 Test Strips for CS20.

Ideal for disinfection of

  • Nail Clippers
  • Nippers
  • Cuticle Pushers
  • Comedone Extractors
  • Reusable Foot Files
  • Reusable Nail Files
  • Drill Bits (Excl. carbide)
  • Tweezers
  • Reusable hard plastic & metal tools

Cleaning and Disinfecting Pedicure Bowls and Foot Baths

Germs responsible for athlete’s foot and nail fungus, are a common concern for footbath equipment. Ensure you have the right disinfectant and protocols to protect your clients.

DID YOU KNOW? Foot baths can be circulating (whirlpool/piped) or non-circulating (basin-style). In recent years, the trend has been to move away from piped circulating foot baths because of the difficulty accessing the jets and pipes for cleaning and disinfection purposes. These internal jets and pipes are known to harbor various pathogens and harmful biofilms. Non-circulating or basin-style footbaths are like a sink with a simple drain and no internal piping. These types of footbaths may include detachable magnetic jets or other equipment to simulate moving water, but no direct piping is hooked up. Once you determine what type of footbath you have, follow the correct protocol below:

Non-Circulating/Basin Foot Baths

  1. Drain the basin and remove any visible debris.
  2. Remove any detachable filter screens, jets, and other removable parts from the basin. Clean the basin and detachable parts with a clean brush and detergent, or PREempt.
  3. Apply PREempt RTU Spray or diluted PREempt Concentrate (1:40 dilution/25mL Concentrate per 1 L water) to the basin and removeable parts.
  4. Allow the surface and parts to remain wet for 3 - 5 minutes to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  5. Drain and rinse with clean water. Reattach any required parts.

Circulating/Piped Foot Baths

  1. Drain water from a basin and remove visible debris.
  2. Remove any detachable filter screens, jets, and other removable parts from the basin. Clean the basin and detachable parts with a clean brush and detergent or PREempt liquid.
  3. Reattach any required parts. Fill the basin with cool water above the jet line. Measure the volume of required PREempt Concentrate to make a 1:40 dilution (25mL Concentrate per 1 L water) and add to the basin. Due to the size differences of circulating foot baths, it is recommended to measure the volume of water needed to fill the foot bath to above the jet line in order to identify how much disinfectant is needed.
  4. Allow the foot bath to circulate with the disinfectant for 30 seconds. Turn off the jets and let the solution sit for 5 minutes to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  5. Drain the foot bath and refill it with clean water. Circulate and rinse for 30 seconds. Turn off the jets and drain.

Showcase That You Care

Stand out from other salons and spas by communicating that you are prioritizing client health and safety. Here are a few ways you can let your clients know:

  • Display signs or posters promoting hand hygiene in your spa or salon.
  • Inform your clients that you have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected your workstations, treatment areas and tools before their appointment and encourage them to ask any questions or voice any concerns they may have.
  • Present your tools in a case labeled "disinfected/sterilized" or a sterile pouch in front of your clients.
  • Use PREempt tent cards at each workstation to indicate that the area has been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Apply PREempt decals on your storefront window or door to showcase your commitment to cleanliness.

Let your clients know you have their safety top of mind in your facility, on your website, on social channels, and on other marketing materials.

Keep It Green

Salons and Spas are increasingly looking to adopt eco-friendly practices and products to prioritize environmental sustainability. By choosing PREempt disinfectants, you are using a biodegradable formulation with an active ingredient that breaks down into water and oxygen. In line with the commitment to sustainability, new PREempt Refill Wipes, allow you to reuse your empty wipes canisters and significantly reduce plastic waste. Not only does this practice reduce plastic packaging by 90%, but also helps you save money.

Look for ways you can introduce more sustainable practices in your salon or spa, PREempt Wipe Refills are a great place to start.


Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is the best tool to combat germs and prevent the spread of infections. Expanding your education is crucial, and taking our free Infection Prevention Certification is a great place to start. Upon completion, you can create your own customized certificate in the name of your salon or spa or have your staff get individually certified. Additionally, consider taking more in-depth courses to enhance your knowledge and expertise in infection control.

Get your salon or spa Infection Prevention Certified and display your elevated knowledge in your facility for your clients.

Following and implementing the best practices in your everyday routines can ensure a clean, safe, and germ-free environment for your staff and clients. Your commitment to maintaining high standards of infection control will not only protect everyone's health and set your facility apart as a professional and trustworthy establishment.

Regulatory Compliance

Each province and territory in Canada regulates Personal Service Establishments and publishes guidelines that must be followed. Additionally, certain regions and municipalities have by-laws that must also be complied with. These regulatory bodies ensure that personal service workers meet specific educational requirements, maintain ethical standards, and provide safe and effective care to their clients. It's important for you, as a personal service worker in Canada, to be familiar with applicable guidelines and maintain professional standards, including adherence to proper cleaning and disinfecting practices.

View list of regulatory bodies for personal service workers in each province and territory in Canada.