PREempt for Schools/Students

Empowering Schools/Students with Unparalleled Disinfection!

Teaching students infection control practices arms them with the knowledge they need to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and infections in salons and spas. This empowers them to create a clean and sanitary working environment, reducing the risk of transmitting infections or skin conditions to clients. Emphasizing sanitation standards instills professionalism and accountability in future cosmetologists, prioritizing infection control to protect everyone's health and safety throughout their careers.

Regulatory Compliance

It also prepares future beauty professionals to comply with industry regulations and legal requirements. Most provinces and territories have specific guidelines and standards for personal service settings regarding sanitation and hygiene practices. Additionally, certain regions and municipalities have by-laws that must be complied with. By teaching infection control, beauty schools help students understand these regulations and teach them how to implement proper procedures to meet compliance standards. This knowledge enables graduates to operate legally and ethically, avoiding potential penalties or legal issues.

View list of regulatory bodies for personal service workers in each province and territory in Canada.


Knowledge is Power

Finally, infection control training enhances the reputation and credibility of beauty professionals. Clients increasingly value cleanliness and hygiene when choosing a salon or spa. By demonstrating a commitment to infection control practices, students can build trust and attract a loyal client base. This positive reputation not only benefits their individual careers but also contributes to the overall reputation of the professional beauty industry.

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