Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document required for all chemicals in your workplace that provides guidance on how to work safely with the product. These documents are a key part of your facility’s health and safety program. Safety Data Sheets ensure you’re using the product correctly and are aware of all precautionary measures to keep you safe. Here are some highlights and other considerations you should consider when selecting the ideal disinfectant for your spa or salon.

HEALTH CANADA REGISTRATION: All disinfectants must be Health Canada registered, and clearly noted on the label. PREempt Disinfectants are Health Canada registered.

EXPIRATION DATE: Disinfectants will lose their efficacy over time so they should be disposed of if the expiry date has passed. PREempt Disinfectants have 2-year expiry dates for surface disinfection and 1-year for tool disinfectants.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): Many disinfectants will require PPE during their use—be sure you’re aware of these requirements and adhering to those practices to reduce the risk of exposure to harsh chemicals. PREempt Ready to Use Disinfectants do not require the use of PPE.

CONTACT TIME: Disinfectants do not kill germs immediately and have different contact times that can be as much as 10 minutes. They also don’t kill ALL germs at the same rate. Note the contact time of the disinfectants you’re using (can be found on the product label under use instructions) and adhere to them to achieve germ-kill efficacy. PREempt Ready to Use Disinfectants have a 3-minute contact time to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Tool disinfection can take place in as little as 5 minutes and 20 minutes for tool sterilizing.

CLIENT CONFIDENCE: Having disinfectants out in the open at all your workstations, treatment areas and reception will let your clients know you’re running a clean and germ-free facility. Be sure to use a professional disinfectant made for spas and salons that communicates your commitment to infection prevention. PREempt disinfectants were designed specifically for beauty professionals to be a fast, safe and easy way to manage germs in your facility.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Today, spas and salons are increasingly sourcing eco-friendlier products. When it comes to infection prevention, there are alternatives to legacy harsh chemicals that do not come with the same negative side effects. Be aware of any special disposal requirements or impact your disinfectant may have on the environment. PREempt Ready to Use disinfectants are non-irritating to eyes and skin, and are biodegradable—the active ingredient breaks down into water and oxygen. PREempt Wipes also come with a refill option that reduces the use of plastic by 90%.